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Monkey Moto School private motorcycle and scooter training provides the skills and confidence you need, not only to pass your license test but more importantly, to thrive in real-world situations.

Whether you are brand new to riding or have some experience under your belt our thoughtful format was created to help every person in the ways that they learn best.

We are an independent organization, untethered from the limitations of rigid state-contractor courses so we are free to tailor lessons to YOU with no time wasted.



Classes are one-on-one or partnered

Private training (all levels)

1st session: $180; 2nd session: $170; 3rd & 4th sessions: $160; 5th session +: $150

Two-lesson Smart Start program: $350

You work one-on-one with your coach progressing from section to section at a pace that works for you. Regardless of your aptitude (perceived or actual) the progression will be significantly more rapid than group instruction yet methodical, creative and generally peppered with helpful analogy.  Adjustments are made and questions are answered in real time.


Partner training

Two-lesson format: $300 per student

Single lesson: $260 total ($130 per student) 

Your first class will be together with your partner learning all of the fundamentals and taking turns riding the motorcycle. Each person gets about two to three extended sessions of riding. The saddle time may vary but each person gets what they need and nobody leaves dissatisfied.

The second lesson is private as by that time students are on their own path and will benefit most from getting all of the coaching and riding time to themselves. Progression is rapid. Adjustments are made and questions are answered in real time.  

Small group “clinics” can also be arranged. Contact us for details.

Parent-child lessons are a great bonding opportunity and a lot of fun. Children should be at least 15 y.o.


(2.5 hours per class, usually two classes)


The first lesson will cover the essential fundamentals of motorcycling, progressing one skill at a time at your pace until you can successfully master them in coordination relaxed and with outward focus. You will get as much time as you need to practice before moving on. Each section is designed to increase confidence and prepare learners for real-world riding situations. The second session will build on the first. We’ll get you braking and accelerating aggressively, cornering confidently, changing gears smoothly, engine braking and learning how the eye speed-to-physical movement speed ratio affects your safety quotient.

Upon completion of our two (average) Smart Start sessions most students will have a solid foundation of riding skills and should feel empowered to go out and select the right motorcycle and gear for their needs.

Skills covered:

  • Smooth, coordinated use of the controls
  • Body mechanics on the bike
  • Slow speed riding
  • Acceleration and braking
  • Seamless gear shifting
  • Cornering, counter-steering
  • Engine braking
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Road awareness: managing hazards & dangerous
  • Effective communication with other motorists
  • Rider psychology and thinking outside the (metal) box
  • Bike and gear guidance
  • Guidance on the DMV licensing process



(2.5 – 3.5 hours per class)


We will begin in the practice space to evaluate your current riding level and hone skills such as the clutch/throttle relationship, engine braking, counter-steering, picking your line in a corner, body positioning and trail braking. When and if we both agree that you are ready we may go outside of the lot and ride,* pausing at various points to make adjustments and collaborate on your progress.

Whether or not your lesson takes us out of the practice space you will depart a much improved motorcyclist. This we confidently guarantee.

* Please bear in mind that the skills we teach must first be honed in a controlled practice setting before applying them to the streets. It is difficult to critique and make quick adjustments in live traffic. We understand that at this point you may already be riding your motorcycle in the city or have previous practical experience but we ask that you please maintain patience and an open mind with regard to our methodical process and you trust that your coach’s judgement is in your best interest both for progress and safety. Thanks!

–For outside-of-the-lot within city limits training you must have your own motorcycle that is in good repair and your learner’s permit or full M1 endorsement.

–For the full advanced experience we will leave the city so a full M1 endorsement is required, you must be reasonably comfortable on a highway as well as some comfort splitting lanes. You will also need to have taken at least one lesson with Monkey Moto School previously.

Contact us directly to chat about your individual circumstances and we’ll help you work out a plan of action!

Skills covered:

  • Clutch/throttle relationship
  • Engine braking
  • Trail braking and dragging the brake/s
  • Understanding traction
  • Understanding your suspension
  • Highways and twisty roads
  • Picking your best line
  • Traffic science
  • Lane splitting done safely and effectively
  • Hill balancing/stopping/parking
  • Riding with passengers

… and more.



(2.5 hours per class)





 finishing school

“It’s been awhile”

“this is my last gasp attempt to learn to ride”

“I crashed, now what?”

“I just want to try it to see if I like it.”

If you recently attended a group Basic Rider Course (BRC) or it’s been a long time since you’ve been on a motorcycle or you otherwise feel like a riding lesson would be a smart thing to do then a single skills class is a great place to begin. We will methodically run through a program of skills until you can perform them relaxed and with outward focus. We’ll discuss and prepare you for real world scenarios, get you thinking like a motorcyclist and answer all of your questions in real time. By lesson’s end you will be a much improved rider and you’ll feel enlightened to make the right choices for yourself with everything motorcycle-related.