Helps to open your eyes…Opening mind wouldn’t hurt either.

Phone call to Monkey Moto School 2/16/16:

MMS: Good morning.

Caller: Do you guys do the motorcycle test that counts for the DMV?

MMS: We teach rider skills and safety but cannot offer a DMV bypass. After taking classes with us you can rent our scooter for the test if you like.

Caller: Oh, I don’t need no lessons. I can ride with my eyes closed.

MMS: Then why don’t you just sign up for your riding test at the DMV?

Caller (agitated): ‘coz I failed that damn thing 3 times. The DMV test is a whole ‘nother thang.

MMS: Did you take it with your eyes closed?

Caller: expletive expletive expletive….click, bzzzzzzzz.

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