The Fonz comments on his SheetIron experience

Okay, it turns out I have an alter-ego and accompanying email addy “Evan Arthrufonzarelli.” It’s just a silly play on my real last name “Arkush.”

Following my epic weekend riding the SheetIron 300 I wrote a letter of praise to the organizers at the Oakland Motorcycle Club (OMC) and they subsequently asked me if they could publish some of my comments. I cheerfully obliged.

This afternoon I got a phone call from one of their piece’s authors asking for the spelling of my last name. She gave me a link to the American Motorcyclist Assn. (AMA) website and told me where to find the article which is already posted online and comes out in print in October. When I looked it up it I found my statements attributed to one Mr. Arthur Fonzarelli! I can’t deny it really cracked me up and left me wondering if people at either the OMC or the AMA were aware they were quoting The Fonz and thought it was funny or they were completely oblivious (and never watched Happy Days).  My guess is they figured it out after the story went online and then called me to “verify the spelling of my last name.”

Any way you slice it…haha!

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