I took three lessons from Evan. From not having touched a motorcycle ever, I have become quite confident riding in downtown with a passenger.

Evan is very patient, specific and clear on his instruction. His lesson covers many aspects that bigger school won’t spend time to let you practice, for instance, riding in hilly neighborhood, semi-stop at stop sign, carrying passenger, and how to position yourself in the lane … Heck, he even took me to helmet shopping.

I will definitely contact him if I want to further improve my riding skill.

— Jia Pu, December 12, 2010


It is amazing how much of what Evan has taught me on the motorcycle has helped me to become a better cyclist – and I have been riding and doing multiple AIDS bike around the world for over 15 years! His words lingered with me as far as safety and being seen.  Even approaching a hill on a bicycle relates to how Evan taught me to do so on a motorbike!

Looking forward to future lessons, so I can feel totally safe ‘out there.’

— Garrison, September 30, 2010


Rad lesson. I got my motorcycle license about a decade ago and drove an old vespa around in college for about 2 years. I took one of the official weekender moto classes back then to get the license but was never very good on my scooter.

Fast forward 10 years later and for a project for my job, all of a sudden was tasked with driving 2 electric motorcycles for a video shoot. I had about a week to try to remember how at least to look comfortable driving a motorcycle around. I looked into all of the formal classes in SF, and they all took too long and you had to sign up for them significantly in advance.

That’s when I found Evan and his moto classes via Yelp. Evan was very flexible and could work with my schedule and was gracious enough to provide a motorcycle, gloves, helmet and picked me up and we rode to a safe place to ride. He was super patient with me (given I remember very little) and gave me the skills over 2 to 3 hours to be able to ride a motorcycle around with a decent amount of confidence. I rocked the video shoots and Evan was worth the investment.

— Katie F, March 25, 2010


Evan is a great instructor … well worth the investment and money, He takes things at your pace, ensuring you are comfortable and have mastered each skill before moving on to another. He’s also very well versed and can teach a variety of ‘real-life’ situations … like riding on hills, which is a must in SF!

After just one lesson with him, I had a level of comfort and security on my bike that allowed me to move on to riding on my own.

A second lesson really helped me get confident enought to ride around the city, and I’ll be returning for more lessons as my skills progress.

All in all, I highly recommend Evan. His style, easy-going manner, patience and ability to inspire you to do your best are a combination which creates a great environment to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

— Steve Mueller, November 14, 2008


I’ve got to tell you, motorcycling is fun — scary as shit at times, but fun as all hell. I had just taken the MSF’s Basic Riding Course and gotten my certification when I picked myself up a motorcycle. Thing is, practical real-world motorcycles tend to be several times more powerful than the things you tinker around on in class. That being said, for a while it was all I could do just to have a safe commute to work in the mornings.

After even the first lesson with Evan though, I definitely felt safer getting around town on my bike. If you hadn’t noticed, San Francisco’s pretty hilly, and for a novice motorcyclist who hadn’t even been on a bicycle since elementary school, this is pretty damn intimidating. Evan was able to break down a lot of incredibly useful skills and knowledge into pieces that were both useful and practical immediately. Now to just work up the guts to lane-split more often!

— Will H, October 31, 2007


“I was thrown off the Bay Area Motorcycle Safety course 2 years ago because I wasn’t learning fast enough and I was creating a safety issue for the other students. That horrifying experience sent me packing and not want to be around a motorcycle again. Fast forward 2 years later I decided to take the plunge and finish what I started and get my M1 but not without preparation. Enter Evan. When I first contacted him he was very professional and answered all my questions and addressed my concerns, especially when out came to my slow learning curve. The first day we went over the basics and by the end of the training day I was able to realize the relationship between the clutch, break and throttle and use them to be confident enough in my turns, albiet somewhat jerky at first. Evan is extremely patient and when there are some issues that need to be worked on, he makes you keep working on it until you get it right. Right after the first day, I felt so good about my progress I re-registered with the same motorcycle safety course that I was thrown off of. That’s how good Evan is. Now I still need a lot of work don’t get me wrong, such as remembering to search and evaluate where I’m going, but Evan makes sure that I’m doing it right. I still have a ways to go but I always look forward to the sessions with him because he really has helped me along tremendously. Evan, you rock through and through-right down to your painted fingernails.”

-James K. 11/27/11


“I am glad that I made the decision to sign up for Monkey Moto School back in March. I took the MSF course back in January 2011 and waited about a couple months before committing myself to buying a bike. While the MSF course was beneficial (I highly recommend it), I felt there was still a lot of information that was missing.

Evan is knowledgeable, sincere, and patient. He genuinely wants his students to succeed and enjoy the art of riding.

I personally felt his teaching style was exceptional — Instead of simply teaching you how to ride, he educates you on the foundation. That way you’ll think like a rider and make conscious/smart decisions. Afterall, when you’re on a bike…you don’t have the luxury of a coach next to you wherever you go.

I highly recommend!!!

-Jason N. 7/31/11


“I admit it: I’ve been lazy. After getting my M1 license two years ago, I was finally getting around to a motorcycle purchase this summer. Problem was, I hadn’t been on a bike since the MSF course… And there was no way I was going to jump straight on a newly purchased ride without some refresher work. Enter Evan at Monkey Moto.

Evan turned out to be the real deal: I think in part because he’s also a personal trainer when he’s not teaching riding, he approached our lesson with an incredibly positive and personable attitude that was all about not only teaching what I’d need to do to get comfortable immediately, but also long-term lessons to think about down the line. If I started the lessons as a 2, I ended four hours later as at least a 7 in terms of confidence and beginning ability.

Personal lessons can be totally unhelpful if you’re learning from a jaded moto jockey who thinks because they know how to ride, they know how to teach. The two skills are not related — believe me. Evan definitely knows how to watch your riding and give you careful feedback on how to improve. There were at least three occasions where after doing an exercise, some quick feedback from Evan watching me led to an “aha!” moment that made me instantly improve. I wish I could say as much about, say, my girlfriend correcting me on my cooking skills.

The lesson setup was pain-free, too: after initially conversing over email, our first lesson was rained out and we texted back and forth to figure a new date. He made room in his schedule (which during the summer riding season is understandably busy), and we met down in a parking lot near the ball park with his 250cc learning bike. Four hours later, I was alternately balancing at a crawl pace on a weave course, and doing braking and downshifting exercises from 40 MPH.”

– J.T.T. 7/18/11


“Just had my first class with Evan, and am so excited for the next one! I had a really horrifying experience at BAMT that left me so freaked that even touching a bike made me shake uncontrollably, and I’ve always been comfortable around bikes and have been a passenger for years.

Cut to my first Monkeymoto class, where in standing next to my 450 lb. bike holding it to get a feel for the weight it tips away from me, slo-mo “ohhhh sh**” style, and goodbye right mirror and footpeg. Class over due to idiot student, right? Wrong! Evan suggested I just use the back passenger peg instead and focus more on the front brake so we can move forward.

He was unbelievably patient and positive and seems to take a holistic approach to teaching, working with how your fitness level and health affect your riding. I was able to learn at my own (admittedly snail-slow) pace and get comfortable, and basically had the best time ever. I can’t wait to learn more and get out on the streets safely to grab even a little bit more of that great feeling…. pretty big change from having a near-heart attack every time I got near a bike.

I should also mention that I’ve never operated any motor vehicle in my life, not even a golf cart, and I have an 865cc bike that is realistically way too much bike for me. That’s quite a learning curve and speaks volumes for Evan’s skill as a teacher. Do yourself a favor and call him, even if you’re taking the MSF class. The individual attention makes all the difference.

On my 4th class with Evan, I was making a tight turn to pull into parking at Baker Beach, and the bike tips over, snapping off the clutch lever and ending my riding for the day. Evan not only sat with me and cancelled his evening plans so he could be there till the tow truck came and to make sure I wasn’t beating myself up too much, he was so worried about making sure that I was mentally okay and still positive about riding, and talking me through my mistakes, that he totally forgot to charge me for the class, I had to remind him later!”

– Allie D. 5/25/11


“On Yelp, 5 stars = “Woohoo! As good as it gets!” Well, that’s what you get with Monkey Moto.

I’m an actor cast in a role in a play where I have to ride a motorcycle on the street several times, once with a passenger. At first there was talk of sending me to one of the big motorcycle schools, but thankfully the theater decided one-on-one training was the way to go. I’m so glad they chose Evan.

I had never ridden a motorcycle before, so Evan started me off very slow. I caught on pretty quickly and he was able to get me riding comfortably, but always advancing at my pace. I wouldn’t have progressed so far so quickly in a big group situation. He had me riding with him as a passenger by the end of our 3 hour session, because he knew I had to in my show and wanted to make sure we covered that. Awesome!!

Evan’s charisma, enthusiasm, and mad skills make him an excellent instructor. He talks about the body in relation to the bike in a very accessible, personal way, and is able to give very clear, helpful corrections that make a difference immediately. And could he possibly be any nicer? No. He’s a super great guy.

Highly recommended.”

– Kevin C. 5-11-11