Monkey Moto School – private motorcycle and scooter training, San Francisco.



Motorcycling in all it’s forms is a thrilling recreation and for local utilitarian travel there’s simply no better way to get where you’re going. In California motorbikes and scooters can legally travel in between lanes of traffic ( #lanesplitting ) shaving tons of time off your trips, plus finding parking is a breeze. But it takes skill.

Come with us. We’ll get you there!


Why go private?

-If you already know the value of personalized guidance vs. rigid group instruction.

-If you attended a group Basic Rider Course (BRC), passed but still do not feel ready to take on the streets.

-If you attended a BRC, did not pass but remain determined to become a rider. (Yes!)

-If you used to ride and are returning to an old passion after many months or years.

-If you were involved in an accident -big or small- and want the skills & confidence to avoid that ever happening again.

-If you have been riding for awhile and are ready to take the next step in your advancement.

-If you will be travelling and plan to rent a motorbike or scooter in another country.

-If you are just TIRED of sitting in traffic.

-And because you absolutely want the tools you need to be safe while you are having fun or commuting on your two-wheeled machine.




Call for more details and to book your passage to freedom: 415-742-9013 or email us at info@monkeymotoschool.com