Motorcycling is a wonderful recreation and a rapid, energy-efficient way to commute. It’s also a lot more fun than getting around by car.

It might seem cliché but to sum up getting through urban traffic on two wheels after years of traveling by automobile the words “freedom” and “dance” come to mind. Now, at this point the prospect of “dancing” through traffic may seem daunting and far-off but aren’t those the skills you would expect from motorcycle riding lessons?

In your first class we’ll get you started at a level that is appropriate for you and move forward building your abilities at a comfortable pace until it all just clicks. We not only provide technical motorcycle and scooter training but we work diligently on the psychology of the rider, all-important traffic skills and how to avoid the dangerous situations that far too many motorcyclists encounter because they simply are not thoroughly trained. Monkey Moto School guides new and returning riders on the steps for getting your motorcycle licence (M1), shopping for gear and bike selection. And breathe easy, we use our many years of experience to answer all of your questions about riding. And we know you have a lot. We take great pride in being not just your coaches but also your mentors.

You already have the vision of biking along open roads, seeing the world from an entirely new perspective, no longer hampered by a steel cage. Now, see for yourself how easy it is to make that happen with personalized instruction and expert care using a thoughtfully developed (and ever-evolving!) curriculum.

Call for more details and to book your passage to freedom: 415-742-9013 or email us at info@monkeymotoschool.com