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Motorcycling is a wonderful recreation as well as a rapid, comparatively energy-efficient mode of transport. It may seem cliché but to sum up riding a bike through urban traffic after years of traveling by car I would choose the words “freedom” and “dance.”

Now, at this point the prospect of “dancing through traffic” may seem daunting and far-off but isn’t that why you are visiting our site?

In your first lesson we’ll get you started at a level that is appropriate for you and move forward at a comfortable pace until it all just clicks. You already have the vision of motorcycling along open roads, seeing the world from an entirely new perspective, no longer surrounded by steel and glass. Now, see how easy it truly is to make that happen using techniques designed to help you rapidly develop skills, effectively manage the inherent risks and have a great time in the process!

Call for more details and to book your passage to freedom: 415-742-9013 or email us at info@monkeymotoschool.com