Doomed Rider 7/25/19

Returning home from teaching a scooter lesson today I was splitting through slow traffic on the highway when I saw a motorcycle headlight closing ground from behind (because I actually check my mirrors for such things). I signaled then pulled in and this young guy on a small cruiser went past going what I would characterize as “too fast for his own good” with his hazards flashing -which is just about the stupidest thing ever.

This dude was really zipping through traffic and I’m thinking that if someone tries to change lanes he isn’t leaving enough room for braking. And also…using hazards while lane splitting is just about the stupidest thing ever. Did I mention that? When you’re going 20ish mph faster than the vehicles you’re passing, hazards are pretty fucking useless.

Since my scooter is more narrow than the cruiser I am generally keeping up with this guy though leaving some distance between us because he seems like an accident waiting to happen, plus this is the kind of rider who is likely to speed up even more, thinking that we now are somehow in a race. Additionally, I am doing more of the right things to make myself known to other vehicles than he has clearly ever even considered.

Sure enough, a car begins to move into the left lane just as this dipshit is coming up on her 6. The car slams the brakes, moto kid swerves to avoid getting nailed, then without signaling to the driver in any way keeps hauling ass like it was just a regular thing.  Now I’m annoyed because the dude is greatly contributing to our collective bad rep and I am hoping that he gets off at the same exit as me so I can tell him it would’ve been his fault if he got hit in hopes that he would put some thought into it.

Sadly, I didn’t get my opportunity and I remain certain that this sophomore will end up learning the hard way. Hopefully not too hard.

I really wish they wouldn’t give motorcycle licenses out so easily.

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