Vision Zero SF

New efforts by the city to study and lower motorcyclist fatalities show some accident stats for your consideration. Based on the numbers, their principal solution is to get riders to lower their speed (or speed relative to traffic) which we certainly agree would significantly decrease accidents.

What they appear to overlook is that riders are doing a poor job of letting other motorists know that we are in the vicinity (approaching from behind or otherwise). In other words, from  motorists’ perspectives we on two wheels are “coming out of nowhere.” It’s a phrase we’ve all heard but how much have you really thought about what that means and do you take personal responsibility while riding so that you aren’t taking drivers by surprise?

Monkey Moto School devotes time during sessions to cover effective techniques for increasing motorist awareness in a variety of scenarios as well as methods to signal your intentions and expectations so that everyone is happy and we all get home safely.

This is an informative video and worth a watch. We are delighted that our municipality has a vested interest in keeping motorcyclists safer by emphasizing personal adjustment.

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