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Ride YOUR ride!

Let’s say that you are comfortably splitting lanes on the highway in slow, backed up traffic. Another motorcycle or scooter approaches from behind. What do you do? A) Move aside so that the other bike can safely pass. B) Keep … Continue reading

“I don’t want to hit you, bro.”

Latino guy in a suped up classic mid-century American car pulls up left of me at a red light. I’m on my 150cc Kymco scooter and I’ve decidedly parked it towards the center-left of my lane (operative words MY LANE) … Continue reading

4 ESSENTIALS for improved street safety

Yeah, everyone knows that “safe” is a relative term. In life, not just motorbiking. But below are some active things that you can and should do to vastly improve your safety quotient. Call it smart risk management.   1. Know … Continue reading

Doomed Rider 7/25/19

Returning home from teaching a scooter lesson today I was splitting through slow traffic on the highway when I saw a motorcycle headlight closing ground from behind (because I actually check my mirrors for such things). I signaled then pulled … Continue reading

Vision Zero SF

New efforts by the city to study and lower motorcyclist fatalities show some accident stats for your consideration. Based on the numbers, their principal solution is to get riders to lower their speed (or speed relative to traffic) which we certainly … Continue reading

You Suck At Lanesplitting

Now that lane splitting / lane sharing is officially on the books in CA (Seriously, don’t you want to jump for joy right now?!!) we would like to share our top 10 list of things that motorcyclists do that, frankly, make … Continue reading

Helps to open your eyes…Opening mind wouldn’t hurt either.

Phone call to Monkey Moto School 2/16/16: MMS: Good morning, Monkey Moto School, Evan speaking. Caller: Do you guys do the motorcycle test that counts for the DMV? MMS: We teach rider skills and safety but cannot provide a DMV … Continue reading

Downhill corners!!

Q:  “As I ride more and more… the thing that I still avoid and fear are steep downhills with relatively sharp turns. In my current area, I know where these are and I can avoid them for now but eventually, … Continue reading


Always looking for fun ways to improve my riding, particularly the dirt skills, when my pal Anke told me that she and her boyfriend Mike were signed up for the California Supermoto School’s 1-day dirt class I jumped right on … Continue reading

Ten(ish) tips to avoid having your motorcycle or scooter knocked over.

After my friend Anu posted that his motorcycle had been knocked over while parked and the driver that did it took off I thought I’d list a few tricks that might help others avoid the same infuriating fate. Sadly, there … Continue reading